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2020/21 BirdBox Project registration is now open!

Alderney Wildlife Trust Puffin Cams

Welcome to the 2020 UK Schools’ Bird Box Webcam Project

Spring 2020

Spring is fast approaching and the nesting season will soon be upon us! Dark cold winter nights will give way to warm sunny days as new twigs and flowers appears in our gardens, parks and woodlands and the sound of birds chirping and tweeting will again become a most welcome daily event.

Visit the See Nature website from now until the end of May 2020 to watch live video from inside 80 UK school webcam bird boxes. This is a free live streaming service for students, schools, families and communities across the planet. In addition we will every week be publishing articles and Fact Sheets for learners of all ages about our UK Garden and Woodland Birds and if that is not enough then visit the Play Zone area for bird quizzes, puzzles, word searches and a host of other learning activities and resources.

Schools across the UK and Europe may be closed as we all take preventative measures to protect one another from the COVID-19 virus. However, if you are a parent or teacher with learners at home then take the opportunity to support this wonderful project and if you would like for your school to join the project in 2021 then email us.

Enjoy the 2020 nesting season and the opportunity to bring the wonders of the world outside in to your school classroom and home.

May we all look forward to another amazing bird nesting season!

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The BirdBox Project

See Nature Schools BirdBox Project

The Schools’ Bird Box project is an opportunity to stream and share live video of the birds that visit their nesting box and feeders all year round. Watch during the nesting season amazing live video of eggs hatching and chicks growing before they fledge and leave the nest.

Interested in supporting the work of the British Trust for Ornithology? Then find out how as a See Nature Bird Box School you can take part next year in The Trust’s Nest Box Challenge, Garden Birdwatch and Bird Tracking surveys.

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Perfect Pollinators - Red Mason Bee Project

“Perfect Pollinators” Red Mason Bee Project

Our native bee population is in decline. Help farmers and producers to address this trend by adding to native bee stocks. Red Mason bees are solitary bees that unlike bumble and honey bees do not sting and therefore do not possess a threat to young children.

Fit a webcam Red Mason Bee Box on an outer school wall and watch between March and July live video of the female Red Mason Bee lining her nest and laying eggs that will grow and pupate before hatching the following spring.

Each female Red Mason bee will lay in a year up to 40 eggs. So play your part in this campaign and donate your excess bee stock to local fruit and vegetable famers.

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Three incredible webcam primary science projects – Observe wildlife close-up 24/7

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