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The Bird Box Education programme is an opportunity for your school to link the study of birds in your school grounds to some of the popular topics and subjects that appear in the new primary science curriculum. To help you plan activities that support your science based curriculum visit the Resources area on the website. Here you can view and download over 400 lesson plans, activities, video clips and e-books to support learning activities for Key Stages 1 and 2 pupils.

The 12 topics that we feature are each highlighted for 1 week during the breeding season. To view the 2016 Timetable just click here.

To further support each of the 12 topics we will be publishing from March to the end of June each day on the website a set of super new additional resources designed to help your children learn more about the birds they can around them.

These resources are:

Monday: The BirdBox Weekly Digest
A weekly illustrated article designed and written for Key Stage 2 readers that links with the topic of the week. Published with an accompanying audio track that pupils can play whilst reading the article, this resource can be read by pupils either in school or at home on a laptop or any mobile device.

Tuesday: Pupil Zone
Each week we will be publishing a set of activities including puzzles and things to do and make for your pupils to complete linked to the topic of the week. If you have designed any activities yourself for your class linked to these topics why not mail your ideas to us and share them with others?

Wednesday: Bird News from around the world
Every Wednesday we will be featuring stories about birds published in newspapers and on the Internet. Encourage your pupils to read these articles and discover how human activity is impacting on birds, their behaviour and their habitats.

Thursday: Bird Box weekly Newsletter
The Bird Box weekly newsletter is our weekly publication designed for young readers. Encourage your pupils to print off and collect the newsletters which are a super Teaching & Learning resource and lend themselves to creating a wonderful and informative classroom display!

Friday: School Reports
Every Friday an opportunity for our Bird Box project schools to shine as over the 12 weeks we will be asking everyone to send us a short report (200-250 words) plus photographs telling us what you are doing to develop your pupils awareness of the wildlife around them. Great fun! So look out every Friday for new posts from our Bird Box schools.

Bird Box Activity Days – More exciting learning opportunities!

The three Bird Box project activity days are an opportunity in school for your pupils to be creative and share their learning. You can complete the tasks below any time during the week. All we ask is that you forward to us a selection of photographs and a short report about what your pupils did.

Bird Box Activity Days – Add these dates to your diary now!

Activity 1: 11th – 15th April 2016 -  Observing Birds
Activity 2: 9th - 13th May 2016 - Nest Building
Activity 3: 6th - 10th June 2016 - Feeding Birds

The Pupil Offer! A super opportunity for your pupils to actively support the Bird Box project!

This year we are offering Bird Box school pupils the opportunity to stream live video from their gardens on your school Bird Box web page. For just £99 a year plus VAT pupils will receive the same premier service that we provide to schools. Interested in taking advantage of this wonderful opportunity. Then why not consider purchasing a 30 user Bird Box license for just £1699 to offer this service to your pupils for even less and pay for the cost of your annual Bird Box subscription

For more information about the Bird Box pupil offer just click here.

How to register for the BirdBox project

Registration for the 2016 project has now closed and the project is in full swing, schools from across the region are streaming live from their birdboxes and feeder stations. At the same time, we are also busy planning exciting new developments for next year. Whilst continuing to grow the project in Kent and Sussex, we will be expanding the project in to a number of new regions in our area.

If you would like to register your interest in taking part in the 2017 project, please see here.

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