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Week 3 June: Bird Scrap Pie

Bird scrap Pie United States of America    This bird food recipe will appeal to birds in the summer, autumn and winter months. You will need. 4 cups crumbs (bread, cake or doughnut) 4 cups kitchen scraps chopped (noodles, meat scraps, fruit or vegetables.) 4 eggs 1/4 cup honey 1/2 tablespoon of salt 1 [...]

Week 3 June: Sweet cake recipe for Robins

Sweet cake recipe for Robins You will need: Breadcrumbs Dessert spoon of clear honey or jam Peanut granules Sunflower hearts Dried mealworms Raisins or Sultanas Suet Robins, Tits, Blackcaps, Starlings, Blackbirds, Nuthatches, Siskins, Starlings, Wood Pigeons and Collared Doves all eat this mixture. How to make it! Take 3 or 4 slices [...]

Week 3 June: The Robin

The Robin The Robin is a popular visitor to gardens and school grounds throughout the year. It is a plump bird with bright orange-red breast, face, throat and cheeks edged with grey, a white belly and olive-brown upper parts. Juvenile Robins have speckled buff-brown upper parts and underparts. They have no red feathers so [...]

Week 2: Pine Cone Birdfeeder

Pine Cone Birdfeeder New Zealand   Fill your garden with birdsong. Try this pine cone bird feeder to invite birds such as sparrows and starlings into your garden and school grounds! You will need: Pine cone Plate Butter knife Smooth peanut butter and lard Birdseed String Scissors How to make it! 1.Use scissors [...]

Week 2 June: Blackbird Summer Fruits Recipe

Summer fruits for Blackbirds You will need: BBQ or Bamboo Skewers  Apples Bananas Pears Grapes Chopped nuts Chopped raisins/cherries Blackbirds are Omnivores. They eat insect larvae, mealworms, fruit, berries, seeds and grain. How to make it! Blackbirds enjoy eating summer fruits. These can be chopped in to small pieces and left on [...]

Week 2 June: The Blackbird

The Blackbird The Blackbird can be seen in our gardens and school grounds all year round. The adult male has a glossy black plumage and an orange and yellow bill and eye ring. The adult female has a brown body and a rusty-red breast. Her beak is a dark colour. Juvenile Blackbirds are red [...]

Week 1: Melt Cake Recipe

Melt Suet Cake recipe                Northern Carolina, United States of America   Here in Northern California it can get really hot in July and August.  We’re talking sometimes over 115 degrees!  So I began making my own “no melt suet” and the birds absolutely LOVE it! You will need: 1 cup suet or lard 1 [...]

Week 1 June: Blue Tit Bird Cake Recipe

A bird cake for Blue Tits   You will need: 300g bird seed mix 150g raisins 150g peanuts 250g block of suet or lard Empty, clean yoghurt pot/s or other small container/s (depending on how many you want to make) String Scissors Mixing bowl Spoon This recipe will make a lot of bird cakes [...]

Week 1 June: The Blue Tit

The Blue Tit Blue tits are found all year round in the United Kingdom and most of Europe, Africa and Asia. Blue Tits have yellow under-parts with blue wings, a blue tail and a blue cap. Adults have white cheeks, but those of the juveniles are yellow. The juvenile Blue Tit is duller than [...]