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The Bird Feeder project is an opportunity for schools, colleges pre-schools and nursery groups to care for our bird population and share live video of birds visiting their feeder stations via the See Nature website with viewers around the world.

To join the project will require you to set up a Bird Feeding Station in your grounds and have fitted to the station or close by a nature webcam to record all the action! To stream 24/7 all year round live video from your station you will then need to join the See Nature Bird Feeder project. The sign up cost to join is £199+VAT per annum and if you re-sign at the end of the first year the cost for year 2 and onwards is just £149+VAT. If you require equiment, we offer a fantastic page that includes everything you need ro just £199+VAT. If you need help setting up, we offer an installation service starting from £139+VAT.

New for 2020!
Attracting birds to your Feeder Station all year round

Remember different species of birds eat different foods!

To attract different species of birds to your station all year round you will require:

  • Hanging seed and nut feeders
  • Fat ball feeders
  • A bird tray to attract Robins and larger birds
  • A water bowl
  • Bird bath

The simplest way to create such a Feeding Station is to attach metal hooks at different heights to a wooden stake pole. Position some of the hooks just 1 to 1.5 metres from the ground and then your children can hang and put out the bird food they have made!

The See Nature Bird Feeding station including wildlife webcam, bird feeders, bird tray, bird bath, Stake pole and metal hangers is just £199 plus VAT.

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Reasons why you should join the Bird Feeder project

The Bird Feeder project is an exciting opportunity for young people to learn about and care of the birds we see around us.

To help you make the project a great success visit the See Nature website each week and click on the links below.

What do birds eat? Each week we will be featuring a different bird. Find out what that bird eats and when during the year they are likely to visit your Feeder Station.

Yummy Bird food recipes to make! Birds need different food types throughout the year. Visit the recipes section each week for new bird foods to make in school and at home.

Bird food recipes from around the world! It is not just in the United Kingdom that people care for birds. Discover and have a go at making some of the fantastic bird food recipes from other countries.

Bird Man Dave's Live Feeder Cam - Our team member Dave has set up his very own feeder station in his garden. Watch the live stream and find out what Dave is doing to attract a variety of birds to the station.

Worldwide Bird Feeder Cams: View every day live video streams from Bird Feeder Webcams around the world. Watch up close birds that we never see here in the United Kingdom.

The Bird Feeder project is a great all year round science project that will inform and entertain youngsters of all ages and adults too!

Don’t hesitate register today!

Register to join The Bird Feeder project today and once your webcam is installed you will be able to share live video of birds feeding and visiting your Feeder Station with other schools, parents, friends and the wider bird watching community.

Post comments daily about the birds that visit your feeder and the food you put out to keep everyone up to date about what is happening at your feeder station and what you are doing to support wildlife.

Show you care for the birds around us and join the number 1 wildlife webcam project in the United Kingdom!

For further information on how to join the Bird Feeder Project, please visit the Bird Feeder Project Registration page.

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