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Watch live video inside your school birdbox and observe the birds that visit your school grounds and bird feeding station!

Bird Box 2019/2020 promises to be bigger and better! Last year we invited schools in Kent, Medway, East & West Sussex and Brighton & Hove to join the Schools Bird Box project. In 2020 we are extending the project and offering every school in the United Kingdom the opportunity to register and take part.

Managed by the South East Eucation Group as part of our See Nature programme, the BirdBox project is an exciting opportunity for your pupils to actively support the RSPB Giving nature a home programme and learn about the many birds that visit our school grounds in the spring and early summer.

Bird activity is not just confined to the spring and summer months. Click on the link to view our See Nature Bird Calendar, and remember a webcam Bird Feeder let’s your pupils watch birds in your school grounds all year round!

Highlights from last year's project

Bringing the world outside in to your classroom

By installing a webcam birdbox in your school grounds, your pupils will be able to watch live as birds make the box their home, build their nest, lay their eggs, and raise their chicks before they fly the nest in the early summer. We also provide a webcam-enabled feeder station, allowing you to switch the webcam from the birdbox to the feeder, and watch birds live as they feed. By connecting your webcam to our streaming service, your pupils, staff, families and the wider community can all watch the streams live online.

Supporting the Primary Science Curriculum

The Schools Bird Box Project supports the following topics that feature in the new primary science curriculum:

  • Food Chains Observing & Identifying Grouping & Classifying
  • Reproduction Skeletons and Muscles Habitats
  • Adaptation Feeding and diet Life Cycles

24/7 year round live streaming, website membership and project support for just £199+VAT

What are the costs?

Purchasing a birdbox and streaming live over the Internet is an affordable option for all schools. Registration to the project costs just £199+VAT for the whole school for your first year, which drops to just £149+VAT for each year thereafter. If you require equipment, we can provide a fantastic birdbox and feeder station equipment package for just £135+VAT, which includes everything you need to get up and running.

All boxes come with installation instructions, however if you prefer a member of our Team can visit your school for a half day to fit the box, and set-up and test your live stream to ensure everything is working. Depending on where your school is, our installation charges range from just £179 + VAT.

Register for the 2020 birdbox project

For further information on joining the birdbox project, including equipment and installations costs and registration forms, please visit our birdbox project registration page.

Join the BirdBox project!
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