8th June 2016 – Birds in the news this week!

//8th June 2016 – Birds in the news this week!

8th June 2016 – Birds in the news this week!

birds in the news

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 BBC News               May 24th 2016

'Sea hating' rare pelican and vulture could stay in UK


Pelecanus crispus (Dalmatian Pelican - Krauskopfpelikan)

Two extremely rare birds which were blown across to the UK due to prolonged wind currents could remain in the country due to their dislike of sea crossings, experts have said.

A Dalmatian Pelican which has been spotted in Cornwall had not been seen in the country for hundreds of years.

Meanwhile, a Bearded Vulture has been seen in Wales, Devon and Cornwall.

Experts said the birds, which are both "major rarities" had arrived in the UK on prolonged south easterly airflows.

bearded vultureThe species are more commonly found across south Eastern Europe, India and China.

Paul Freestone, from the Cornwall Birding website, said thousands of birdwatchers had travelled from across the country to try to see the birds.

"It's completely unprecedented to have two major rarities in the South West," Mr Freestone said.

The pelican was first seen on 9 May in West Cornwall and the vulture was first photographed close to the second Seven Crossing on 12 May.

Sevenoaks Chronicle   3rd May 2016

Twitchers descend on Otford to catch glimpse of extremely rare Oriental turtle dove


Bird enthusiasts descended on Otford this weekend following an extremely rare sighting of an Oriental turtle dove.

oriental turtle doveDozens of twitchers took their binoculars to The Butts for a daylight vigil on Saturday and Sunday to catch a glimpse of the elusive dove as word of its arrival spread like wildfire throughout the birding community.

It is believed the bird was blown off course during its migration from Siberia or Kazakhstan and ended up in an Otford garden.

If verified, it will be only the 12th recorded British sighting in history – with the first in 1946 and the most recent in Oxford in 2011 - and the first ever in Kent.

Those hoping to tick the rare bird off their spotted list came from as far as Essex, Bedfordshire and Buckinghamshire - with some even remaining until today.

Paul French, chairman of the British Birds Rarities Committee, which will adjudicate whether the sighting will go into the record books, said the bird should have been heading towards India for its winter season.


Dalmation Pelican (Top)   Bearded Vulture (Middle)  

Oriental Turtle Dove (Bottom)


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