16th March 2016 – Birds in the News this week!

//16th March 2016 – Birds in the News this week!

16th March 2016 – Birds in the News this week!

birds in the news

Find out what actions human are taking in communities across the planet to protect our bird population!

Birds in the News is a weekly feature. Visit this page every Wednesday to view and read local, national and international newspaper articles that have been published in the past 7 days.

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February 2016 - Feed the birds: They're your garden's friends


Wood_Pigeon_270315When pigeons snaffle the new shoots in your vegetable patch or blue tits strip your trees of spring blossom, you may wonder why you bothered to feed garden birds in winter - or any time during the year.

But we should never forget that birds are a gardener's friends: blue tits eat greenfly (which is why they damage blossom buds), blackbirds and thrushes snack on slugs and snails, robins guzzle grubs and caterpillars while starlings eat gypsy moth and wireworms.

In an era when there are few chemical controls for garden pests that people actually want to use, these natural predators are the perfect solution.

But what should you be feeding them? Kitchen scraps seem the obvious choice, as it helps to prevent waste, but scientists say this could do birds more harm than good.

bird mixThat's because birds have tiny bodies and extremely fast metabolisms, so they need foods that will give them instant energy. Instead use a dedicated wild bird mix that is calorie-rich and will provide a much-needed energy boost or fat balls that you can make by mixing the fat from cooked sausages, mince or other meat with seeds.

Metabolism: We all need energy to survive. Energy doesn't just float around in all living things. Living things need to eat (mainly sugars) and digest food. That process of chemical digestion is called metabolism.

March 7th 2016  Petition to stop people feeding birds in Deal high street sparks warning from district council


deal high streetA petition backed by 187 people has urged the public to stop feeding the pigeons in Deal’s town centre. Dover District Council (DDC) released the strong message last week, which said that feeding the birds bread, cakes and buns can actually do more harm than good.

The statement said: “Wild birds are natural scavengers, and find their own food sources. The size of a flock depends on the amount of food available. “If the food supply is reduced, the flock will reduce. The birds will not die of starvation, but will simply breed less often.”

The petition which was started by Sean Gabb, of Middle Street. It was presented to DDC in October last year and asked the authority to take action because of health concerns and the effect it has on buildings and the generic appearance of the town.

The scrutiny committee considered it in December and again in February. Committee recommendations included carrying out an education campaign, and appointing a specialist contractor to look into the issues. The recommendations were agreed by cabinet last week.

seagull 260315Cllr Trevor Bartlett, cabinet member for public protection said: “Feeding garden birds at home is a pleasurable experience, but feeding larger birds like gulls and pigeons in our towns can result in vermin, build-up of droppings and damage to buildings, and can be harmful to the birds themselves.

“We would advise people to stop feeding the pigeons in Deal Town Centre to address issues the community has raised with us.”

Comment: Does your school agree with this action?

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