Chatterbox 2019

//Chatterbox 2019

Bird Box 2020: Week 12 Migration

Click here to play                  Read by Matthew Welcome to the final Chatterbox weekly report. I hope you have enjoyed each week listening to the reports and learning about the behaviour of the birds that visit our gardens, school grounds, wetlands, farmland and coastlines here in [...]

Bird Box 2020 Week 11: What can we do to attract more birds to our school grounds?

Click here to play                    Read by Matthew Just two school bird boxes have chicks still in the nest waiting to fledge. Soon the nesting season will be over and our attention will turn to caring for and helping the young chicks that have [...]

Bird Box 2019 – Week 10 Adaptation

Click here to play                Read By Matthew Welcome back to Chatterbox. Last week I told you that on average a Blue Tit chick can eat up to 100 caterpillar grubs a day. That is a lot for an adult bird to find and collect when they [...]

Bird Box 2020 Week 9 What do birds eat?

Click here to play                Read by Matthew At this time of year it is important that birds can find the right food for their growing chicks. Can you imagine how much energy goes into a growing chick? How much food they need? Can you imagine a [...]

Bird Box 2020 Week 8 Reproduction – How many?

  Click to play         Read by Matthew Reproduction - How many?  Welcome back to Chatter Box. It has been a busy week in many of our nesting boxes as the adult birds spend all their time looking for small grubs for their hungry chicks to eat? Watching the live [...]

Bird Box 2020 Week 7 Building a nest

Click here to play                                                Read by Matthew Welcome to this week's Chatterbox report. Great to see so much activity in the bird boxes over the past 7 days. So this [...]

Bird Box 2020 Week 6 The Circle of Life

Click here to play               Read by Matthew The life cycle of a bird Birds need to find a mate - that's why they sing so beautifully at this time of year. The birds then need to find somewhere warm, safe and dry to make their nest [...]

Bird Box 2020 Week 5 Skeletons and Muscles

April 2018 Click here to play             Read by Matthew All about birds – Bones and skeleton. Did you know birds need to be light in weight? They use a lot of energy flapping their wings  to take off and fly. So the bones that make up a [...]

Bird Box 2020 Week 4 -Looking out for birds this spring!

Read by Matthew Easter 2018 Report Spring is the time when most birds start planning ahead for the breeding season and while most will still be setting up breeding territories or finding a mate, early breeding species such as blackbird, collared dove and robin, may already have eggs or young chicks. Species [...]

Birdbox 2020 Week 3 Identifying and grouping birds by observable features

Read by Matthew Sorting birds and learning Latin! Once you start identifying birds and spotting where each bird lives you will start to see some patterns. Have a think about how you could sort out birds into different groups? A simple way to sort out birds might be "Birds that can fly [...]

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