Birds in the news 10

///Birds in the news 10

Birds in the news 10

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Each week we will be featuring amazing news stories from all corners of the British Isles and around the world about birds in the news. To read the full news story just click on the title of that article.

20th May        CBS News         30,000 wind turbines located in critical bird habitats

wind turbinesTens of thousands of wind turbines have been installed in areas that are considered critical to migratory and threatened birds and that number is set to more than double in the future. An analysis by the American Bird Conservancy (ABC) shows that more than 30,000 turbines overlap with federally protected bird habitat, including 24,000 in the migratory corridor of the whooping crane and 3,000 in breeding grounds of the endangered Greater Sage-Grouse.

More than 50,000 additional turbines are planned for construction, the group said.

"Wind turbines are among the fastest-growing threats to our nation's birds," said Dr. Michael Hutchins, Director of ABC's Bird Smart Wind Energy Campaign.

"We can and must do better if future generations of Americans are going to have a chance to see some of our nation's most iconic bird species," Hutchins said. "Our nation's wildlife should not be collateral damage in the battle against climate change, especially when much of the conflict could be easily addressed through better siting of wind projects and improved regulation."

21st May 2015     Daily Mail 

Hungry bear risks electrocution to climb up electricity pole to raid birds nest as ravens battle in vain to save their eggs

  • Bear was caught on camera by people on wood bison hunt in Alberta
  • Ravens can be seen circling animals as it nimbly climbs up tower
  • Take turns pecking but cannot stop the animal from eating future offspring

bear and nestA hungry bear was spotted climbing an electricity pylon in Alberta, Canada, to reach a bird's next at the top. The inquisitive creature can be seen nimbly climbing up the metal footings while two agitated ravens helplessly tries to fend it off. The incredible footage was captured by staff of firearms manufacturer O.F. Mossberg & Sons during a wood bison hunt.

It shows the moment the impressive creature reaches the top of the tower before helping itself to the contents of the nest. The protective ravens take turns at pecking the black bear but are helpless to stop it as devours their eggs before casually making its way back down again.

Each week there are hundreds of amazing stories about birds. If you read or hear about a story that we have not featured then please e-mail us immediately.


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