Birds in the news 2

//Birds in the news 2

Birds in the news 2

March 27th

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Each week we will be featuring amazing news stories from all corners of the British Isles and around the world about birds in the news. To read the full news story just click on the URL address below each title.

26th March     Londonist – What are the most common birds in London?

Wood_Pigeon_270315Back in January the RSPB asked Londoners to spend an hour in their gardens, counting the birds that they saw. Now, the results of the Big Garden Birdwatch are in. The three most commonly recorded species of bird in London, as reported by the public, are woodpigeons, house sparrows and starlings.

Top of the RSPB Garden London Survey - The Wood Pigeon

Nearly 30,000 Londoners took part in 2015, up 10.5% on last year, meaning that the results of the largest citizen science survey in the UK are more comprehensive than ever.

23rd March   The Guardian - Starling slaughter leaves northern Nevada awash with rotting birds!

common starling 270315Recent events have left land owners surprised to discover tens of thousands of dead birds across the high desert area of the state. The United States Department of Agriculture said a pesticide was used to destroy the birds to prevent the spread of disease to dairy cows.

European starlings, introduced to the Unites States of America in 1890, are considered an invasive species and have been the target of similar actions in Nevada and elsewhere for decades. About 2 million starlings were destroyed in 2013, nearly 50,000 in Nevada, to assist farmers, according to Agriculture Department records.

Was the Department of Agriculture right to take this action? Post your comments on the Chatter box blog now.

Other bird stories making the news!

A good year for robins: RSPB reveals the top 20 garden birds

Hungry Polar Bears could soon start devastating bird populations

Each week there are hundreds of amazing stories about birds. If you read or hear about a story that we have not featured then please e-mail us immediately

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