Birds in the news 3

//Birds in the news 3

Birds in the news 3

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Each week we will be featuring amazing news stories from all corners of the British Isles and around the world about birds in the news. To read the full news story just click on the URL address below each title.

Friday 2nd April                 CBBC Newsround - Tiny bird's epic migration: 1,500 miles in three day

blacpoll warblerScientists have confirmed that a tiny bird migrates across the Atlantic Ocean, covering distances of around 1,500 miles in less than three days. They weighs the same as a £2 coin but it covers up to 1,721 miles, flying non-stop to find a warmer home in winter. Starting in the north, in eastern Canada and north east America, it flies south across the ocean to spend winter in parts of the Caribbean and South America.


Friday 2nd April            

Aberdeen Argus -Birds of prey to patrol three north-east towns in war against seagulls

Birds of prey took to the skies of Aberdeenshire yesterday in an attempt to keep gulls in line during the breeding season – as the local council revealed it had spent almost £200,000 on battling the menaces.

Harrier_Hawk_with_lunchAberdeenshire Council has called in specialists from NBC Bird and Pest Solutions to scare the gulls from settling on properties during the nesting season, which lasts from March until July. Harris hawks have been drafted in to deter the seabirds from setting up camp on rooftops in Stonehaven, Fraserburgh and Peterhead. Yesterday the raptors got down to work in Stonehaven’s Market Square, where three-year-old Isla could be seen soaring above the coastal town.



Other stories making the news!

1st April                     Washington Post - Mice sing like birds but we just can’t hear them

2nd April

Western Morning News - Farmlands providing vital habitat for birds at risk, latest survey shows

Each week there are hundreds of amazing stories about birds. If you read or hear about a story that we have not featured then please e-mail us immediately.


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