Birds in the news 9

///Birds in the news 9

Birds in the news 9

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Each week we will be featuring amazing news stories from all corners of the British Isles and around the world about birds in the news. To read the full news story just click on the title of that article.

12th May 2014                   BBC    Indonesian smuggler 'hid birds in plastic bottles'

birds in plastic bottlesPolice in Indonesia have arrested a man they suspect was smuggling rare birds inside plastic bottles. The man was allegedly caught carrying the live birds on a passenger ship near the city of Surabaya. They included 21 yellow-crested cockatoos, which are listed as endangered. They were kept inside bottles to stop them from flapping.

The birds are known to sell through legal channels for as much as £1,000 ($1,500) each.

Customs officials said the haul also included an unspecified number of green parrots.

The exact number of yellow-crested cockatoos in the wild is not known, but the International Union for Conservation of Nature place it on their critically-endangered list. Birdlife, a nature conservation group, say the birds' numbers are dropping due to " unsustainable trapping for the cagebird trade".

14th May 2015                Brent & Kilburn Times    

Baby swan and river birds rescued from huge oil slick stretching from Harlesden to Little Venice

Riverboat residents scrambled to join a dramatic multi-agency operation to rescue swans, river birds and their chicks after a mile-long oil slick polluted waters from Harlesden to Little Venice yesterday afternoon.

Officers from the RSPCA found around 30 birds including geese, moorhens, mallards and a family of swans fighting for their lives and “caked” in a cooking oil-like substance after residents alerted the Environment Agency and the River and Canal trust to an oil slick in the Grand Union Canal near Little Venice.

pair of cygnetsThe birds were taken for urgent treatment at the Swan Sanctuary in Shepperton, where they are now being cared for by sanctuary trustee Steven Knight, who joined the seven-man rescue operation covering a mile-long stretch of water clogged with the polluting substance.

He said: “It was terrible, they were caked in vegetable oil, as you picked them out of the water their feathers were clogged together and the oil was squeezing out and there was a baby cygnet and other small birds. They’re now washed up and recovering in the safe hands of our bird hospital before going into our indoor pool tomorrow.”

A spokeswoman for the RSPCA thanked volunteers who offered to help save the birds and said there were at least four more geese that needed to be rescued in a return operation today.

Photograph: Pair of cygnets

Each week there are hundreds of amazing stories about birds. If you read or hear about a story that we have not featured then please e-mail us immediately.

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