Birds on our South East England Nature Reserves 4

//Birds on our South East England Nature Reserves 4

Birds on our South East England Nature Reserves 4


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Monday 13th April

Every Monday we will be visiting one of our nature reserves in the south-east find out which species of birds live there or visit during the spring and summer months.

Our chosen reserve this week is the RSPB Reserve at Dungeness in Kent.

bitterneA visit to Dungeness is a bit like visiting another planet, but for lots of birds this weird and rugged landscape is the perfect home. The stony beach stretches for miles inland to where you can no longer see the sea but lots of lakes and the tough plants which grow here, making it ideal for birds which like to be near water.

At the moment the bitterns are busy at Dungeness. You’ll be very lucky to see a bittern – they’re fantastic at hiding and slinking about in the reeds, but it’s easy to know if there’s a male bittern around because they’re exceptionally loud! Their low, booming call carries far across the reserve to show other birds their territory and hopefully to impress a female.

This Bitterne just stopped booming for a bite to eat!


Another bird you can hear making a funny noise at Dungeness in spring is the lapwing. They have also been called the ‘peewit’,chewit’, ‘pee-wee’, ‘teewhuppo’ and ‘peasiewheep’ because of the unusual noises they make while tumbling about in the sky over their territory.

For more information visit Dungeness RSPB Reserve website:




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