Birds on our South East England Nature Reserves 5

//Birds on our South East England Nature Reserves 5

Birds on our South East England Nature Reserves 5

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Monday 20th April

Every Monday we will be visiting one of our nature reserves in the south-east find out which species of birds live there or visit during the spring and summer months.

Our chosen reserve this week is The Railway Land Wildlife Reserve, Lewes.

The Railway Land Local Nature Reserve lies to the south of Cliffe High Street, Lewes, East Sussex. It can be reached by walking to the end of Railway Lane from Cliffe Bridge and the Riverside Centre.

GoldfinchThis site in the heart of Lewes, East Sussex was designated a Local Nature Reserve in 1995, saving it from development. Nestling on the flood plain of the River Ouse, the Lewes Railway Land Nature Reserve consists of 25 acres of mixed habitats, including wet woodland, floodplain grassland, ponds and species rich drainage ditches, former fruit orchards and allotments and scrub areas. The site extends to 60 acres if including the adjacent flood plain grassland meadows that owned by a local farmer and managed in partnership with the nature reserve.

linklater heron

At the last count 64 species of birds were recorded living on the site. Many of these can be seen in and around the Heart of reeds and the wetlands. Species found here include Herring and Black headed gulls and mallard ducks that frequent the reed beds where there is food and shelter. Visitors to the site in the evenings should also look out for reed warblers and kingfishers.

Other birds that visit the reserve in the spring and summer include:

Goldfinches which feed on the teasels on the old sidings

Magpies, Blue Tits and Long Tailed Tits frequent the woodland

Check the feeder on the Linklater for greenfinches and chaffinches

And Herons may appear on the meadows as the grass dies down

Railway Land Wildlife website

railway land

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