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///Welcome to Chatter Box

Welcome to Chatter Box

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Welcome to Chatter Box our weekly news feature about birds. Every Monday we will be publishing here facts about the birds that visit our school grounds and news about the many birds that live in wetland, woodland, coastal, upland and urban habitats. To launch the Schools Bird Box project we are going to help you recognise many of the common birds that visit schools and gardens.

Name that bird?

Did you know? There are over 400 different species of birds that live in the United Kingdom? How many birds can you name without looking in a book?

Look at the photographs of the four birds below. They all frequently visit our school gardens and school grounds in the spring and summer months. Can you name each bird?

Were you right? Check the answers at the bottom of this page.

common garden birds

Spotting Birds

Try and spend some time over the next two weeks identifying the birds that visit your school grounds or garden at home? To do this just sit still for 10 minutes and watch the birds that visit your bird feeder, bird bath or pond. Use the counting sheet below to record your results.

To encourage birds to visit why not put some nuts, seeds or pieces of fruit out on a bird feeder or sprinkle them on the ground?

You never know? Maybe a pair of the adult birds visiting your bird feeder may soon choose to build a nest in your school webcam bird box!

Some great resources!  resources

To help you identify the birds that visit your school grounds and garden click on the links below to view these super resources.

See Nature 20 most common Garden Birds quiz (PowerPoint)

See Nature 20 most common Garden Birds quiz book (PDF)

Woodland Trust Bird Spotter Sheet (PDF)

Woodland Trust Garden Birds I-Dial (PDF)

RSPB Schools' Birdwatch counting sheet (PDF)

Answers: A. Blackbird    B. Robin    C. Blue Tit     D. House Sparrow

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