Feeding Birds 2

Feeding Birds 2

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feeding birdSo the great news for gardeners is that birds eat the insects and other animals that also eat their favourite plants. Song Thrush will bash the snail onto a stone to break open the snail, This is very clever of the song Thrush - they are using the stone to help them!

Birds are thought to be one of the most clever animals, apart from us. At this time of year you'll also see the Blue tits and Great tits searching for insects to feed the chicks. so this makes them great friends of the gardener too because stinging nettlethey will eat the caterpillars and aphids that eat leaves. In the past people would use horrid chemicals to kill pests such as slugs and green fly. The problem was that the poisonous chemical got into the food chain and the birds were also poisoned. Luckily we now know that the best way to garden is "organically" which means without strong harmful chemicals. It's a great idea to leave part of your garden or school ground "wild" which means no cutting, no tidying...just lovely long grass, heaps of leaves and flowers for the insects to enjoy! Even stinging nettles are great for wildlife - especially butterflies. So if you can leave a safe place for nettles to grow. Here's some more great information;

Sussex Wildlife Trust - Sussex Wildlife Trust - Birds

Photographs: Thrush (top) and Stinging nettle (bottom)

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