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kingfisher 3Some birds have a special choice of food. This choice of food is to do with the habitat they live in. For example, Kingfishers, what do they eat? are they herbivores, omnivores or carnivores? I have been very lucky to see Kingfishers (I listen out for their "peep, peep, peep", call when I visit a wetland habitat) I have seen them by ponds, lakes and even by the sea in sheltered harbours.

Another special bird with a watery habitat is the Osprey. This is a big bird of prey that eats fish. Once upon a time it was almost impossible to see an Osprey in the UK. Luckily there have been projects to bring Ospreys back to the UK. Have a look at this link to the Rutland Osprey project - this is where I have seen Ospreys in their favourite habitat - ENOURMOUS lakes where they go fishing! Rutland Ospreys

Challenge: Can you draw or write a food chain for an Osprey?

sparrowhawk and preyYou might think that Ospreys and Kingfishers are fussy eaters BUT because they eat fish they are not looking for the same food as other birds of prey. Sparrowhawks are looking for small birds, Buzzards will eat anything from rabbits to worms and Kestrels eat small mice and voles. Each bird has its own special food type that it hunts for.


Images: Upper - Kingfisher           Lower: Sparrowhawk and prey