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swift4Our last topic has been migration - some birds will say "Goodbye" in the autumn. It is also the end of the this year's Birdbox project and my Chatterbox blog. So summer arrives, spring ends  and the little chicks that we have been following are now out and about. So whilst it seems sad that the Birdbox project is at an end there are still lots of things to do for wildlife. I have been watching the Swift nest box at Milton Road Primary school. The Swift is a bird that migrates to the UK to breed. Swifts spend most of their lives flying - they eat and sleep in the air. So it is amazing to see the Swift "sitting" on its nest. I can't wait to see the chicks hatching. Live Swift Nest from Milton Road Primary School, Cambridgeshire - Milton Road Primary School, Cambridgeshire

For one of the best bird spectacles do watch the bird cameras in the Channels Isles Gannetcam - LIVE: Teaching Through Nature The Puffins are probably the stars of the show, but I love Gannets too!

Here's the travelling Puffin toy from the Teaching through Nature project.

You can also watch the lovely wetland habitat at the RailwayLand Project near Lewes. There are cameras set up around the site and there are some video clips online - I love the Eel swimming! Freshwater eel swimming to surface on Vimeo

puffin nest underwater eel

You can also use the camera from your nest box to watch the bird feeder - you might be lucky enough to see your bird family come back! In the autumn you can clean out the nest box, ready for next year. Do be careful, the nest will be full of biting mites, so it is best to get an adult to do the job! The birds in your school grounds might use the box to shelter in the winter.

So now is a time to look back at what we have seen, learnt and enjoyed because of those special little birds that we have been able to watch. And what a privilege it has been.  Our very own "Springwatch" in our schools? Can you think of what has been the best parts of the Birdbox project? There might have been some sad times too. In my Birdbox one of the chicks died suddenly - I was so sad, and then worried for the other 2. Luckily the remaining 2 chicks grew well and fledged on Tuesday 2nd June. Can you give a score out of 10 for the Birdbox project? Then say why you gave it the score.

So instead of saying a Birdbox "Goodbye" I am going to say (like the migrating birds)  "See you next year!"  Looking forward to Birdbox 2016 and all the joy, worries and learning it will bring.

photographs: Swift (top) and Toy Puffin (left) and Underwater Eel (Right)

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