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Once the birds have laid their precious eggs it is important to keep them warm and safe from predators. Some birds make their nests in crazy places - that you might never guess. The Skylark makes it's nest in the farmer's field - luckily farmers are careful nowadays when they harvest the crops. Some farmers even leave bare ground in their fields especially for the Skylarks.

The other way birds hide their precious nest is by camouflage. Here's a picture of Mrs. Mallard sitting on her nest. What is it about their feathers that makes them almost invisible?

mallard duck

Here's a picture of a Nightjar on a nest. Can you see it? (Bottom Left corner - it looks like a piece of wood)


Another way of using camouflage can be seen in the picture below; can you see the nest?


The nest is just a scraping of twigs and the eggs - they are pretty well disguised by their pattern. This is the nest of a Ringed plover on the coast.

ringed plover

Isn't Nature amazing????

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