How difficult is it to build a nest?

///How difficult is it to build a nest?

How difficult is it to build a nest?

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Birds make nest building look easy, but  I wonder how people would manage. Have a look at this great activity - can you build a nest? Can you build it one-handed - remember a bird only uses its beak! nature detectives | download

diagram 1It is illegal to disturb a nest - this is good for birds. In the old days people used to collect eggs for fun! Can you imagine how horrible that must have been for the birds that built the nest and laid the eggs? The chick would not have survived. If you find a nest at this time of year you should assume that it is being used for breeding. Do not disturb it. You can clean out your nest box in the Autumn - after September because the old nest will be full of biting insects like fleas!

There are many other amazing nests - the Heron - which is a bird that lives by water; ponds, rivers, streams. so where does it makes it's nest????? At the tops of trees. Here's a video of the cheeky Bill Oddie going for a ride to see them. BBC Nature - Oak wood videos, news and facts


diagram 2The Cuckoo has a very strange way of finding a nest. The female lays her egg in another bird's nest - not a Cuckoo nest but a totally different species. Amazingly the egg is the right colour for the type of bird. Somehow the female Cuckoo knows which type of bird nest it must find so that the egg it lays look like they belong to the family. When it hatches the Cuckoo chick pushes out any other eggs - or chicks! The cuckoo chick is fed by the owners of the nest! The cuckoo chick will quickly grow bigger than it's parents. Cuckoos often use Dunnock or Reed warblers nests.

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