It’s not just about the birds!

//It’s not just about the birds!

It’s not just about the birds!

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1-day-old_newt_eggThe circle of life is amazing. I will never get tired of seeing Nature in Action. I love to go pond dipping. At this time of year you will see adult newts in the pond busy laying their single eggs and hiding them in the pond weed. These eggs will soon hatch into little newts. The proper term for baby newts is "Efts or New-lets". One of my best jokes is about a newt

"What do you call a baby Newt?"     you'll never guess, and when I tell you you'll probably groan "It's a mi-nute"

newts The Newtlets will grow in the pond and change shape - they will grow legs and their lungs develop. An amazing process of change called Metamorphosis takes place. In the Autumn they will leave the pond to live in woodland and find a nice rotten tree truck to hibernate in. Another amazing pond creature is the dragonfly - and the nymph (juvenile) is the most ferocious looking creature in the pond - they have jaws that go up and down (like ours) and also scoop outwards to catch prey!!! Here's a link to the science bit - do have a look at the photos. Dragonfly life cycle This is a bit gruesome but do have a look at Chris Packham talking about Dragonflies.


  12 day old newts egg


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