Location matters!

///Location matters!

Location matters!

Observing and identifying birds

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Which United Kingdom birds live on our coastlines and which in woodlands?

great spotted woodpeckerThere are so many things that you can learn about birds. The people who have loved watching birds all their lives will still learn new things watching their garden birds! One important thing to remember is that a habitat (where a bird lives) provides food, shelter and water. So a bird will live in the habitat that gives it these things. A good example of this is the woodpecker family. The Great spotted woodpecker makes its nest in trees and eats insects. So you are most likely to see a Great Spotted woodpecker in a woodland habitat.

The Green woodpecker also makes its nest in trees, but its favourite food is ants. You are most likely to see a Green woodpecker somewhere that there is lots of ants living, such as a park or school grounds! The Kingfisher eats fish and makes its nest in the riverbank. The Kingfisher's habitat is by rivers or lakes. Another special habitat is the seaside. The birds that live here are often called "Sea birds". kittiwakeA bird called the Kittiwake makes its nest on cliffs and gets its food from the sea. A beautiful bird called the Puffin makes its nest on the coast or island in rabbit holes. The Puffin also gets its food from the sea - yummy Sand eels!!!


Here's a link to the Wildlife Trust's page about habitats in Britain.

Habitat Explorer | The Wildlife Trusts

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Have a look at the beaches and shorelines in the coastal habitat section to see a picture of a super little bird called a Turnstone. Can you guess how it finds food on the beach? Where do you think it makes its nest?

Click on the link below to open the PowerPoint Quiz titled Woodland and Coastal Birds. Look carefully at the ten birds. Which birds live in a coastal and which a woodland habitat? Check if you are correct. The answers are on the last page.

Examine carefully the photographs of the coastal birds. List 3 things that are different about their appearance to woodland birds?

Activity: PowerPoint Woodland and Coastal Birds Quiz


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