Location Matters

Location Matters

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avocet eggsAs we already know birds make their nests in different locations. Birds have to decide when it is safest to leave the nest. For some birds, the ground nesting waders, it's an easy decision - leave as soon as possible!  These chicks, such as Avocet, Lapwings or Little Ringed Plovers, are in open space as soon as they hatch. The eggs are often camouflaged against their background - speckled stone colours. The parents will lead the chicks away from the nest as soon as the chicks can walk. The parents also remove the shell when the eggs hatch to stop predators sniffing out the nest.

Another amazing trick of nature is that these one day old chicks are able to look for food themselves. The parents will bring some food to them. However, this little chicks will know how to "peck" at plants and pick off  the delicious bugs. The parent's main jobs is to protect the chicks. The parents will watch out for predators and scream alarm calls which mean "run for cover".

I love this clip from Springwatch - it's about an Avocet family. The Avocet is the symbol of the RSPB.

BBC Two - Springwatch, 2010, Episode 5, Hatching avocets

injured ring plover2The Ringed plover also has a decoy method. The parent bird will pretend to be injured so the predator chases after it in the hope of an easy meal. Here's a photo of a Ringed plover parent pretending to have a broken wing.


Avocet eggs (Top)

Injured ring plover (bottom)

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