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Well, instead of telling you about birds I thought I'd make this blog entry different. We are now half way through the Birdbox project and my what a story to tell?

I have always wanted to nest camera - ever since Springwatch first bought the inside of a nest box onto our TV screens - probably 10 years ago! Then the cameras were too expensive but like all technology the price goes down as the years go by. Back then I would never imagined that I would one day have a camera giving me such wonderful views of a nestbox in my own garden!!!

4 blue titFrom the first day that the Blue tits showed an interest in my birdbox my whole family have been hooked. My birdbox has become a part of my daily life - I get up in the morning and check on the box, as I do in the daytime and evening.

My friends (young, old and very old) ask me how the birds are doing? My Facebook friends often "LIKE" my video posts.  They have also taken an interest in the birds in their own gardens. Some are going to ask Santa for a birdbox camera of their own for NEXT Spring! It seems that every day I see something new, I learn, or smile because of these little birds that have graced my little birdbox with their nest. Your quick quiz is to put these photos from my birdbox in the right order - first to last - oldest to newest.

So this week, your task - whether or not you have nesting birds, or are watching another school's box - is to think about - and tell you teacher, family, friends or me - How has the little bird in that birdbox made you think or play or learn or smile? I look forward to hearing from you.

                       Photographs A to F - Making a nest in 6 simple steps