Migration – The incredible Cuckoo!

///Migration – The incredible Cuckoo!

Migration – The incredible Cuckoo!

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cuckoo6One of the most mysterious migration stories is the Cuckoo. The chick is looked after by a bird of a different species. So how does the Cuckoo know the way to migrate without the help of its family to guide it? The strange story of the Cuckoo tells scientists that Cuckoos must be born knowing that they should migrate to a warmer country. Scientists know that birds can sense magnetism of the Earth and also that they use the stars to find their way! Imagine being born with your very own SatNav!

cuckoo3It is only recently that scientists have began to learn more about migration. We can now fit small electronic devices that let them work out the journeys that the birds take. You may have seen Chris Packham on the TV - he had a cuckoo named after him with a tracker attached.  Here's the story Chris Packham cuckoo reveals migration secrets - BBC News

photographs: Cuckoo (Top and bottom)

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