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What is a food chain? Is it something that you just have to learn about in science lessons or is it the reason all living things can survive in our world?

chainYou've guessed it - EVERY living thing is a part of a food chain. All living things need energy to move, grow, reproduce. Plants get their energy from the Sun - our nearest star. Plants make their own food (sugar) for energy. Next in the food chain are the herbivores (animals that eat plants). So creatures like horses, rabbits, caterpillars, slugs, snails, are called herbivores. Quite a few animals will eat plants and other animals, we call these omnivores. Animals like Beetles, Flies, Foxes, Pigs, Humans are all omnivores! So are many birds; Mallards, Robins, Blackbirds, Thrushes, Blue tits, Great tits. At the "top" of a food chain you will find the Carnivores - animals that only eat meat. Lions, tigers are carnivores, but so are many birds of prey, like Sparrowhawks and Peregrines, or owls such as Barn owls and Tawny owls.

food chain 2Can you see that the arrows point "up" the food chain. The arrows tell us sunwhich way the energy is moving. From the plants to the rabbit, to the fox.


Can you remember where the plant got its energy from?

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