Other things that you can do to help the birds

///Other things that you can do to help the birds

Other things that you can do to help the birds

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the nestDon't forget the essential of life - water! Birds need fresh water to drink and also bathe in. They must keep their feathers in "tip top" condition. If you have a pond in the garden or in your school grounds these can be great places for birds. Lots of insects live in the pond - these make great bird food! If you put water out for the birds do make sure that if the small birds fall in that they can get out easily - perhaps put a brick or stone in the water. An old pie dish would be ideal for a small bird bath.

I have been watching my little bird box grow full of soft animal hair. I even saw this Blue tit bird box on a screen at Durlston in Dorset - can you guess what the bright yellow bits are clue - Andy Murray won't be happy!

You could put soft material such as pet hair or dried grass out for the birds to collect. Put them into an old bird feeder with large holes. Don't use any netting as birds can get caught up. Here's the hanging feeder in my garden with nesting material in.
The final thing that you should think about when putting out food and water for the birds is how to keep the feeders and bowls clean. There are some diseases that can be spread through water and food. Ask a grown-up to clean your bird food station using weak detergent and a good amount of scubbing!

Photographs: Nest material (top) and feeder (bottom)


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