Planning your wild future

///Planning your wild future

Planning your wild future

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next stepRemember that anything that you and your school does for wildlife today will be for the future as well. There are lots of great quick and easy things that you can do - make a bird feeder, make a suet bird cake, make a bug hotel. There are other things that take more time and planning! A quick look around your school grounds will help decide what you have got and what is missing. If you are missing something like a wild flower meadow this is something that needs planning. You will need to work out where a good place will be to plant your meadow seeds - this will be a sunny place. Also you'll have to check with other people that use the area - for example don't dig up the running track or football pitch! Digging a pond is also a huge, expensive job, and so is looking after it! There are many things to consider.

A good starting place for these big ideas is to use your school map. Use the map to plan your wild ideas and help explain what you'd like to do and why. The more information you gather the better.

meadowYou might want to start a nature club at school. This can be a group of people interested in wildlife who want to find out more. You might decide that your club wants to help younger children enjoy wildlife, or that you want to tell everyone in the school about how they can do little things to help look after wildlife - like not dropping harmful rubbish. You might want to run an Environmental campaign to tell everyone in the school about the wildlife on their own doorstep. My own interest in birds came from my primary school "Y.O.C" the young RSPB club (now called Wildlife Explorers) I used to go birdwatching in our village - I still remember seeing a VERY RARE Buzzard! I also dissected owl pellets (the bones & fur that owls cough up after they've eaten) I never thought that I'd work for the RSPB teaching over 3,000 children every year!


If you're stuck for ideas have a look at the OPAL website OPAL | Explore your local environment

Something for you to do this week - write down,  voice record, or draw the things that your wild future may hold. Perhaps your whole class could write their ideas onto paper leaves and then stick them onto a display.

Illustration: meadow (middle)

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