Springing into Spring!

//Springing into Spring!

Springing into Spring!

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Hooray! Spring is here - but how do we know? There are so many signs of Spring - before you read on  -  how many things can you think of? The days are longer, more sunshine means it is getting warmer. The leaves are growing on the trees - a lovely shade of lime green before they open fully. Snowdrops were followed by Primroses and Bluebells in the woodland - spring is here!

chiffchaffMy sign of Spring is the bell-like song of the Chiffchaff - Listen to him here

BTO BirdFacts | Chiffchaff Can you see who makes the best Chiffchaff song - you or your teacher?

In German the Chiffchaff is called Zilpzalp. The bird is named after the noise it makes - this is called onomatopoeia - the Cuckoo is another onomatopoeic name. This amazing, tiny green & yellow bird arrives in Britain in march after spending his Winter in Southern Europe or North Africa.

Spring is a time for new life. So other signs of Spring are birds nesting, Frogs laying frogspawn in the ponds, lambs in the fields, plants growing flowers, Butterflies fluttering by and many other animals making a home for their new  family.

eggsWhat about the life cycle of a bird? Birds need to find a mate - that's why they sing so beautifully at this time of year. The birds then need to find somewhere warm, safe and dry to make their nest - perhaps in your nest box! The female will then lays her precious  eggs. The eggs will be kept warm until the special day that they hatch. The chicks can look very ugly when they first hatch. The parents will have to keep them warm until their feathers grow. The parents also have to keep feeding the chicks so that they can grow and grow until they are big enough to look after themselves.


Here's a blank life cycle story board to help you draw a life cycle - you could do bird, frog....or how about the weird and wonderful Ladybird?

Life cycle story

Frog Life cycle


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