Talk with our experts on the Birdbox Blog

//Talk with our experts on the Birdbox Blog

Talk with our experts on the Birdbox Blog

Follow our Birdbox Blog to read updates from our local bird experts, including staff from your local RSPB reserve. Do you have a question about your birdbox, or maybe your pupils have so inquisitive queries about the birds they have seen on the streams? Ask away in the comments section!

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Tim Hall
BirdBox Project manager and website admin, I keep things ticking in the background. If you have any queries or issues with the website or your lvie streams, just give me a shout.

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Bysing Wood Primary school

Our friendly Blue Tit also sits on our window sill and door, peeking in, watching us work and tapping. Is this unusual behaviour or is this something Blue Tits are known to do?


The Brook School

The Brook School have a few questions for you. We have a Great Tit sleeping in our box every night, although Blue Tits seem to pop in during the day. Is this normal?

Is the Great Tit likely to be a boy or a girl?

How long will the Great Tit stay in the box overnight before it starts to make its nest?

Thank you.

Jackie Day

Hello, the Blue tit is definitely defending the bird box. Great news as this means it is putting effort into keeping the box. Have a listen online – the RSPB bird identifier – to the many calls and songs of Blue tits.

Bysing Wood Primary school

Hello there,
We have a regular Blue Tit visitor to our box. Today we saw it ‘hiss and snarl’.
We were all surprised to see/hear such a cat-like noise from a bird. Is this
usual behaviour, presumably he/she was warning off something from his

Hope you’ve got an explanation.