Welcome to Bird Box 2018

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Welcome to Bird Box 2018

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Welcome to Bird Box 2018!

View live video from inside 100 south-east schools' Bird Boxes this spring and summer!

Soon after the snow and cold weather disappears it will be spring again and pairs of adult birds will be busy nest building. Like us I am sure you are hoping a pair of adult birds will make their home in your school bird box this spring. Until then keep going to your school web page to see if any birds are "roosting" and sleeping in your Bird Box every night. This evening, Sunday 18th March, I took these photographs of birds in the Cuxton Academy, Warren Wood and Woodborough boxes. Who knows maybe tomorrow night their might be a bird roosting in your school bird box.

Sunday 18th March 2018: Roosting birds in the box at Cuxton, Warren Wood and Woodborough schools.

Let's help our garden birds this spring? Early spring is a difficult time for all adult birds. The berries and nuts are yet to appear on the trees, plants and bushes and there are few insects on the ground to eat. To help our birds stay fit and healthy why not put feed out regularly on a bird table or hanging feeder? If you are not sure what to feed the birds in your school grounds or gardens at home click on the links below and visit our Bird Feeder project.

What do birds eat?

Bird food recipes

Bird food recipes from around the world

Preparing food for garden birds takes just a few minutes.  Go on do your bit this spring to help nature!

Bird Migration

This year many birds will migrate and travel to Britain from Eastern Europe, Africa and The Arctic in search of a warmer climate, food and a place to breed and raise their young chicks. From the start of next term we are going to tell you about the incredible journeys some birds make. Visit The Bird Box Chatter Box page later this week to find out about the "Bird Migration" writing project with incredible prizes that we are running for all the schools in the project. Do you enjoy writing stories? Here is your chance then to write and publish a story  for others to read.

Looking forward to Bird Box 2018? So are we! Fingers crossed ……. Let’s hope every school bird box is home this spring and summer to a pair of nesting adult birds!

Best Wishes from

The Bird Box Team


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