Welcome to the Chatter Box, our daily news feed!

//Welcome to the Chatter Box, our daily news feed!

Welcome to the Chatter Box, our daily news feed!

Monday 16th March

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jackie dayMy name is Jackie Day. I am a keen ornithologist (bird watcher) and until recently was the RSPB Education Officer at Pulborough Brooks. Daily over the next 12 weeks I am going to share with you lots of facts about the birds that live in and visit the United Kingdom. What subjects are we going to cover together? Well here are just a few. Nest building, hatching, feeding the young, fledging and migration, and yes, there will also be lots of opportunities for you to post questions for me to answer on the website.


What's happening in our local nature reserves?


Besides studying together the birds that visit our gardens and school grounds we are also going to look at birds that live in wetland, woodland, coastal, upland and urban habitats. To help us understand how these species of birds differ to those we see around us we will be featuring reports every Friday on Chatter Box from some of our leading Environmental Centres and Nature Reserves dotted around the south-east of England. If your local reserve is not featured then write to us and we will make every effort to feature them in this series later this summer.

Birds in the News!

hanging a nest box in our school grounds 160315Keep an eye out for reports about birds in the news on television or in the daily newspapers. Birds feature in the news for many reasons. Sometimes it is sightings of rare birds or issues linked to conservation. Whatever it is we plan to share the best of these news stories with you every monday in our Chatter Box feature “Birds in the news!,” and if you see any interesting articles that we miss then please again write to us.

So there you have it, this is what Chatter Box is all about! I look forward to you reading my posts every day and writing to me and The Team over the coming weeks.

Best Wishes,

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About the Author:

Jackie Day
Until recently Jackie was the RSPB Education Officer for West Sussex based at The Pulborough Brooks Nature Reserve. Responsible there for developing and delivering the education programme on the reserve and in schools, Jackie has considerable experience working with schools, teachers and pupils teachers on developing science and nature activities that address the requirements of the new primary curriculum.

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