Wild and Wonderful!

///Wild and Wonderful!

Wild and Wonderful!

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tawny owlLike all Superheroes you can often see their super-power because it is so strong! So I thought it would be good fun to find some of the superheroes of the bird world to see how their Super-powers (adaptations) let them be the best!

Think of an owl, like the Tawny owl that only hunts at night-time, What is the Tawny Owls' super-power going to be?

The secretive Nightjar has white patches on its wings for displaying to attract a mate. The Nightjar is also a nocturnal bird. Listen to the Nightjar's eerie song here. The RSPB: Nightjar He also "claps" his wings to get attention.

Nightjars have a lot of mystery around them so people have made up "wild names" such as "Goat suckers".

spoonbillAnother weird and wonderful bird has is the exotic Spoonbill. His name tells you a lot about him! The Spoonbill is much bigger than our Grey Heron. It lives near water and uses that amazing beak to "scoop" insects from the water. The great news for us in the UK is that the Spoonbill can now be seen on the south coast, so do look out for them if you visit Pagham Harbour or Poole in Dorset.

One of the most famous birds in the Peregrine ; the fastest animal on the planet! Look at this picture of the Peregrine diving. That streamlined shape means it cuts through the air at speeds above 100mph!

2 birds

One of the most common birds that you see in school grounds or parks is the Green Woodpecker - he loves to eat ants! He has a super-ant-eating-trick of his own - a very sticky, very, very long tongue. He uses this amazing tool to get ants out of their nests. YUMMY! The Green woodpecker's tongue is wrapped around inside its head!

We know that Penguins have super powers to survive life in the south pole; streamlined swimming, layers of fat to keep warm and thousands of waterproof feathers. What about in the coldest parts of the UK? There's a special bird called a Ptarmigan that lives in the mountains of Scotland. Look at the picture - what colour are the ptarmigan's feathers in the winter? How does this help him survive the worst time of the year?

Photographs: Tawny Owl (top), Spoonbill (Centre) and Green Woodpecker and Ptarmigan (bottom)

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