Pupil Zone Activity 10

//Pupil Zone Activity 10

Pupil Zone Activity 10

Juvenile birds

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juvenile birds

How many UK juvenile birds can you identify?

Click on the image below and try our UK Juvenile bird quiz. Can you identify the 15 juvenile birds featured?

name that juvenile bird

How many did you correctly name? Download  a copy of the Photographic guide to identifying UK juvenile birds and check your answers.

Download a copy of the basic Photographic guide to identifying UK juvenile wild bird species

Baby Bird Identification Guide basic guide 2

For more information about rescuing birds and other wildlife visit The Bedfordshire Wildlife Rescue website

What should I do if I find an injured baby bird?

Download and read the RSPCA advice sheet "Living with Nesting birds" and remember before doing anything speak to staff at your local RSPCA Centre or contact your local vet.

Living with nesting birds

living with nesting birds





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