Pupil Zone Activity 11

//Pupil Zone Activity 11

Pupil Zone Activity 11

Adaptation - beaks and feet

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 One of the best ways to see how a bird has adapted to its environment is to take a close look at its beak and feet. Bird beaks and feet come in all shapes and sizes. Each is suited to help that bird find food and raise young.

Beaks - What's for dinner game

whats for dinner

To play the game just click here

Drag each bird to a kind of food that it eats.

Remember: Some birds eat more than one kind of food, and some foods are eaten by more than one kind of bird!

Birds and their feet

Watch the amazing Project Beak video collection to discover how birds use their feet to:

project beaksswim     catch prey

wade      perch

walk       climb

To view the videos click here 

Make your own "what birds eat wheel!"

birds and waht they eat wheel picYou can tell a lot about a bird by looking at its beak - like what it eats! To help you find out what different birds eat have a go and make our “what birds eat wheel.” 

Bird and what they eat wheel template

Instructions - Birds and what they eat

Adaptation - Posters and Wordsearch

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