School Report 17th June 2016 – Grovelands Primary, East Sussex

//School Report 17th June 2016 – Grovelands Primary, East Sussex

School Report 17th June 2016 – Grovelands Primary, East Sussex

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Grovelands Primary, East Sussex

We are a large Primary School in East Sussex. We’re really lucky to have large grounds with lots of natural areas including large trees, grass, willows and a pond. The school grounds boast a wealth of birds and wildlife. This is our first year taking part in the bird box project and the whole school is really excited.  Our Parents Association (FroG) gave us the funds to set up and take part in the project.

grovelands1In January, an after school club was set up, for children in KS2. These children were responsible for finding a suitable site to locate our bird box. This was a difficult decision to make as there are lots of lovely areas around the school.  A large Oak Tree, in the school grounds was chosen and has proved to be a fantastic habitat for our family of Blue Tits.  Once the box was set up, the children’s other jobs were to put up bird feeders and keep them filled. They also researched types of nesting material to put around the school. The children have spent many hours finding out all they can about Blue Tits and passing on the information to the other children. I’m often stopped in the corridors by children telling me what they have learnt about birds!


We now have two Blue Tits – Lucy and Leo - who have had eight chicks.  The children are able to see the nest box and can even stand underneath to watch the busy parents flying in and out feeding the chicks! The whole experience has taken the school by storm – everyone is totally hooked.  Our resident birds have inspired our children and adults in many areas of the curriculum including science and art.




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