School Report 6th May 2016 – St Eanswythes Primary, Folkestone

//School Report 6th May 2016 – St Eanswythes Primary, Folkestone

School Report 6th May 2016 – St Eanswythes Primary, Folkestone

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St Eanswythes Primary, Folkestone

badgeSt Eanswythes Primary school is situated in the centre of Folkestone a short distance away from the Main High Street. To celebrate birds nesting in their box the school ran a "Blue Tit Art Competition" for all pupils to take part in.

Read Mrs O'Callaghan's report about the event.

"To celebrate the arrival of the blue tits in our nesting box we ran an art competition. The children use a range of materials (including paints, pastels and crayons) to create their own art works. One child made a 3 D model of a blue tit and another used plastic ironing beads. We were then very lucky as a local expert, Phil Bracegirdle,  came in to talk to us all about UK birds and to judge our competition.

Poster School winnersThe overall winners he chose were Betty and Freya from Year 5, Macie from Year 4 and Rachel from Eagles. He said he chose these winners because not only were they brilliantly drawn or created but they best depicted the life cycle of the Blue Tit.

The Class Winners were Esme from Ducklings, Penny from Owl’s, Jessie from Eagles, Brooke from Year 3, Susan from Year 4, Freda from Year 5 and Maisie from Year 6.


Thank you to everyone who drew or made something, all of the entries were very original and brilliantly made, it was very hard to chose just a few to win!"

To read the full article and view the photos of the School and Class Prize Winners click here.


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