Common Bees found in the United Kingdom

Common Bees found in the United Kingdom

Meet the Bees we see in our gardens, school grounds and open spaces!

In total there are over 250 different species of bees in the United Kingdom. These include over 20 different species of Bumblebees, over 220 species of Solitary bees and a single species of Honeybee. Bumblebees and Honeybees are social bees that group and live together. Solitary bees on the other hand are independent and live alone.

How can you tell the groups apart? Bumblebees look quite different from Honeybees and Solitary bees at they are larger and covered with lots of hair.

Over the next 6 weeks in the “All about Bees” section of the website we will be featuring every week a different common UK bee that frequently visits our gardens and open spaces where wild flowers and plants grow.

The 6 UK Bees we will featuring are:

The Redd Mason

The Honey Bee

The White tailed Bumble Bee

Tawny Mining Bee

Wool Carder Bee

Leaf Cutter Bee

To download your copy own copy of the Wildlife Watch More Bees Poster just click on the thumbnail image below! 

Click here to visit the Wildlife Trust website to view and download more Wildlife ID Posters and Wallcharts.



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