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Red Mason Bee videos

Organisation Title
Youtube Red Mason Bees nesting in artificial tubes
Youtube Life cycle of a Red Mason Bee
Youtube Red Mason Bee Nesting
Youtube Red Mason Bee eggs
Youtube Red Mason Bee Preening
Youtube Red Mason Bee: Egg, lavae to cocoon
Urban Bees Videos Urban Bees Videos

Red Mason Bee Websites

Organisation Title
The Wildlife Trust About Red Mason Bees
Daily Telegraph Everything you need to know about Red Mason Bees
Wildlife Watch Red Mason Bees
Grow Wild Everything you need to know about solitary bees
BBC A guide to garden wildlife
Wildlife Trust Guide to solitary bees
Wycombe Wildlife Group Red mason bees
Nature Photography The Red Mason Bee
Nurturing Wildlife Red Mason Bee life cycle
Waitrose Protecting Bees
Bumblebee Conservation Trust Why bees need our help
The Guardian Protecting endangered species
British Pest Control Council About Bees
Buckingham Nurseries Life cycle of a red mason bee
Buzz about Bees Mason Bees
Save our Bees ave our Bees
Greenpeace Save the Bees

Red Mason Bee Books

Author Title
J. Davidson and J. Lejeunes Bees for Kids
M & J Davidson My first book about bees
David Cramp A practical manual of beekeeping
M Duncan The Bee Keeper’s Honey Bees
S Slade What if there were no bees?
K Corona The busy Bumble Bee
K Frey The Bee friendly garden

Red Mason Bee Books for Tablets

Author Title
Hannah and Parker Bee Facts
Friends of the Earth The Great British Bee Count
Earthwatch Institute India Butterflies & Bees
Earthwatch Institute India Pollinators
CSIC Pollinizapp
Wildknowledge Ltd Bee Friend your garden
Scorpion King Bee Sounds
Rebecca Bielawski Bees like Flowers
DC Swain The Bees: Down in the garden
A Formento These Bees count!
D Alford Bee Sneeze: Overcoming obstacles

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