Topic 1 – Observing & Identifying birds

////Topic 1 – Observing & Identifying birds
Topic 1 – Observing & Identifying birds2018-09-04T08:50:18+00:00


  • Identify and name a variety of common garden, woodland and wetland birds.

Observing and Identifying Birds Websites

Organisation Link
RSPB Bird Identifier
Bird ID Easy classification of birds
First Nature Birds of Britain & Europe: Identification Guide
Digital Wildlife Common British Garden Birds
BBC Identify birds of prey
BTO Bird Classification
RSPB Identifying Birds by Songs
National Geographic Birds Website

Observing and Identifying Birds – Video Clips

Organisation Link
BTO Set of 43 bird classification videos
Daily Telegraph Identifying 8 common birds by songs
RSPB Rook’s Binocular Birdwatch
Howcast How to identify birds
Youtube UK common garden birds
Youtube British birds in your garden
Youtube Everyday British Birds
Youtube British birds feeding
RSPB RSPB’s Garden Birdwatch: birds to look out for
National Geographic National Geographic Bird Identifying

Observing and Identifying Birds resources

Resource Link
Label the parts of a bird PDF / Word
The Parts of a Bird PDF / Word
Bird Idial PDF
RSPB Birds of Prey Booklet PDF
Black Headed Gull Snapper PDF
Blue Tit Snapper PDF
Collared Dove Snapper PDF
Common Gull Snapper PDF
Female Blackbird Snapper PDF
Male Blackbird Snapper PDF
Goldfinch Snapper PDF
Greenfinch Snapper PDF
House Sparrow Snapper PDF
Pied Wagtail Snapper PDF
Redwing Snapper PDF
Song Thrush Snapper PDF
How to identify birds PowerPoint
RSPB Schools’ Birdwatch 2015 PowerPoint
Bird Shapes PowerPoint
NEN Birds Gallery (copyright free images) Jpegs


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