Topic 10 – Adaptation

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Adaptation Websites

Organisation Title
RSPB Adaptation The problem of survival
RSPB How adaptation works
Biology Junction Birds beaks
Vtaide Bird adaptations – Beaks
Project Beak Adaptations
RSPB Fun facts and articles wings
RSPB Fun facts and articles Air and blood
RSPB Fun facts and articles feathers
RSPB Fun facts and other articles Other Senses
RSPB Fun facts and other articles Other Senses
RSPB Fun facts and other articles Flying Ways
RSPB Fun facts and other articles Working with air
RSPB Avian resurrection (Game)

Adaptation – Video Clips

Organisation Title
Youtube Birds Evolution and adaptation
Youtube Bird beak adaptations
Youtube Virtual classroom: Bird adaptations
Youtube BTO: Birds Beaks
Youtube South American birds: Different beaks for different diets
Wildlife Arkive Wildlive Arkive: Osprey Ultimate fisher
Youtube Types of birds video Tutorial for kids
BBC Bitesize Animals and birds adapting to cold climates (No narration)
BBC Bitesize Different adaptations between nocturnal and diurnal animals and birds
BBC Bitesize Different types of Birds of Paradise
BBC Bitesize How birds use their wings

Adaptation resources

Title PDF / WORD
Adaptation – How to make a feather PDF
Adaptation Resources Pack Wildwood Trust PDF
Birds Beak Unit of Study Word / PDF
Birds Adaptation – Beaks Sheet 1 PDF
Birds Adaptation – Beaks Sheet 2 PDF
Bird beaks Worksheet PDF
Bird Beaks and Adaptations Classroom Activity PDF
Birds feet worksheet Word / PDF
BirdWorld Adaptations Resource Pack PDF
Of birds and beaks PDF
RSPB Climate Change, Wildlife and adaptation PDF
Water feet activity Worksheet PDF
What purpose can feathers serve activity PDF
Why are feathers special activity PDF
Wyre FOD sensory sensations school activity PDF
Scotland Forestry Adaptation - Beaks Word

Adaptation – Google Books web library

View and read the books in this collection online

Organisation Title
Google Books Find out about birds Nikki Clarke
Google Books Learning about birds Debbie Routh
Google Books Small birds Johannah Hanney
Google Books The lifecycle of birds Susan Heinrich Grey
Google Books Exploring life science
Google Books Flap your wings P.D.Eastman
Google Books Paws, claws, hands and feet Kimberley Hutmacher
Google Books Bird Sense Tim Birkhead
Google Books Why do birds sing? June Preszler
Google Books Adaptation Alvin Silverstein

Adaptation image Gallery

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