Topic 12 – Migration

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Migration Websites

Organisation Title
RSPB Bird Migration
RSPB The incredible journey
RSPB Which birds migrate
RSPB Getting ready to go
RSPB On the move
RSPB Choosing the route
RSPB Finding the way
RSPB Dangers of migration
RSPB Understanding migration
RSPB Activities and curriculum links
RSPB Migration route map game
RSPB Dangers of migration game
About birding 15 fun facts about migration
Learning Wales What do we know about bird migration
BTO Tracking cuckoos in Africa
Rutland Wildlife Trust Osprey Project

Migration – Video Clips

Organisation Title
Dream Catcher videos Bird Migration
BBC Unseasonal weather alters bird migration patterns
BBC Climate change shifts migrating birds wintering grounds
BBC Spring watch Winter bird migration
KQED Quest The migration route
BBC Birds migrate to the shores of the Sahara

Migration resources

Title PDF / WORD
BBC Schools Pack – World on the move migration PDF
Flight and migration resource book PDF
Marwell Zoo Key Stage 2 Migration Game PDF
RSPB Free as a bird migration activities PDF
RSPB Migration Map PDF
RSPB Waders Migration Game notes for teachers PDF
RSPB Wader Migration Game PDF
RSPB So you think you know about migration activity PDF
RSPB Where in the world migration activities PDF
Hibernation and migration PowerPoint

Migration – Google Books web library

View and read the books in this collection online

Organisation Title
Google Books The Atlas of Bird Migration: Tracing the Great Journeys of the World's Birds
Google Books Backyard birding for kids Fran Lee
Google Books Animals Migrating: How, When, where and why Animals Migrate Elta Kaner
Google Books Where Do the Birds Go?: A Migration Mystery Rebecca Ollen
Google Books 1001 Questions Answered about Birds Allan Cruickshank Field Guide to Birds of Britain and Europe Michael Eppinger
Google Books Discovering birds Mark Fox
Google Books go facts animals birds Paul McEvoy
Google Books Animal Migration: Remarkable Journeys in the Wild Ben Hoare
Google Books Migration of Birds Frederick C Lincoln

Migration image Gallery

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