Topic 2 – Grouping & Classifying

Topic 2 – Grouping & Classifying2018-09-04T08:50:18+00:00


  • Group and classify garden, woodland, wetland and coastal birds by observable features.
  • Present your results on a diagram. Use a key or other classification symbols to complete this task.

Classifying and Grouping Birds Websites

Organisation Title
RSPB Bird Identifier
Bird ID Easy classification of birds
First Nature Birds of Britain & Europe: Identification Guide
Digital Wildlife Common British Garden Birds
BBC Identify birds of prey
BTO Bird Classification
RSPB Identifying Birds by Songs
National Geographic Birds Website

Classifying and Grouping Birds Resources

Resource Link
Birds Trump Cards PDF
Classification of animals and birds PowerPoint
Classifying Birds: Creating a decision tree PDF / Word
Classifying Birds Work Pack PDF
Classifying Vertebrates PDF
Different types of beaks PDF / Word
Different types of birds feet PDF / Word

Classifying and Grouping Birds Online Resources

Organisation Resource Link
Kidzone About Birds
Rabbits Explore Birds
RSPB Facts about 5 common UK garden birds
RSPB Matching Bird Cards (to accompany 5 facts about UK garden birds)
Wildlife Trust Winter Garden Wildlife
Wildlife Trust Estuary Birds
Wildlife Trust Wetland Birds
Wildlife Trust Hedgerow Birds
Wildlife Trust Upland Birds
Wildlife Trust Woodland Birds
Wildlife Trust Male and Female Birds
Wildlife Trust River Birds
Wildlife Trust Seabirds
Wildlife Trust Birds of Prey
Wildlife Trust Common Ducks

Classifying and Grouping Birds Video clips

Organisation Title
BBC Bitesize: Classifying Birds
BBC An introduction to birds of prey
BBC An introduction to seabirds
BBC How to identify birds from their songs
BBC Rural Birds Factfile
BBC Seabird Factfile
BBC Urban Bird Factfile
BBC What is a bird of prey?


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