Topic 5 – Habitats – Nest Building

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Habitats - Nest building Websites

Organisation Link
RSPB RSPB Home, Sweet home
RSPB RSPB Making a nest box
BTO BTO: Make a nest box
RSPB RSPB: Robins breeding and nest building
RSPB RSPB: Blackbirds breeding and nest building
RSPB RSPB: House Martins breeding and nest building
RSPB RSPB: Starlings and nest building
BTO BTO: Wonderful wrens
Nestwatch Nestwatch: The nesting cycle
Topmarks Topmarks: The story of a Great Tit nesting
Topmarks Topmarks: Collecting nesting materials
Topmarks Topmarks: Inside the nestbox
PRBO Conservation through science Building a birds nest
Activity Village Activity Village: Birds Nest Collage
Activity Village Activity Village: Birds nest craft
Kid activities Kidactivities: Make a birds nest from Shredded Wheat or a paper plate

Habitats - Nest Building – Video Clips

Website Link
Youtube Home Making: The weaver bird
Youtube Bird making a nest
Wildlife Arkive House sparrow nest building
Youtube Long Tailed Tit building a nest at Rainham Marshes RSPB
National Geographic Bower Birds build it and they will come!
Top Marks Top Marks: Nesting video

Habitats - Nest Building Teaching and Learning resources

Title PDF / Word
PRBO Building birds nests PDF
Building nests worksheet PDF
For the birds: Nests and seeds PDF
Make a funky birds nest PDF
House hunting worksheet PDF
Woodland Study activity booklet PDF
Sticks birds nest PDF
The birds nest by Andrew Frinkle comprehension activity PDF
Woodland detectives Nest building challenge PDF
Woodland Trust: Owl habitats and homes PDF

Habitats - Nest building – Google Books web library

View and read the books in this collection online

Organisation Title
Google Books The best nest Doris L Mueller
Google Books Handbook of nature study
Google Books A diary of wildergarden: My wild yard in the city J. R. Wilder
Google Books The Magpies Nest Isabel Paterson
Google Books Ospreys Doug Wechsler
Google Books Oscar and Olive Osprey: A family takes flight
Google Books Diggedy Dozer in Treetop Trouble Euan Sharp
Google Books Garden Bird behaviour Robert Burton
Google Books The garden bird year
Google Books Attracting birds to your garden

Habitats - Nest building Image Gallery

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