Topic 6 – Reproduction

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Reproduction Websites

Organisation Link
The Stem Centre The bird’s Nest Key Stage 1
The Wildwood Trust The Owl Lifecycle
British Garden Birds British Garden Birds (Select a bird from the menu)
Animal fact guide Bald eagle facts for kids
Bio Kids Birds
Twootz Bird reproduction
Top Marks Nesting birds
One kind Facts about European Birds
Hamilton Trust Label the parts of a bird

Reproduction – Video Clips

Website Link
BBC Nature Brooding lackbirds
BBC Nature Egg laying
BBC Bitesize Animals that lay eggs
BBC Nature Alien Eggs
BBC Nature Egg dumping
BBC Nature Egg Warmer
BBC Bitesize How the changing seasons affect the blackbird
Youtube Bluebirds: How do bluebirds reproduce?
Wildscreen Arkive Coot reproductive cycle
Wildscreen Arkive Lesser black back gull reproduction
Wildscreen Arkive Barn swallow reproduction
National Geographic Manakin: Birds Moonwalk to impress the ladies
National Geographic Birds around the world:Lovebirds
Youtube Tim lapse of a lapwing hatching
Wildscreen Arkive Red kite chick hatching
Daily Telegraph 3 Peregrine chicks hatch in Nottingham

Reproduction Teaching and Learning resources

Title PDF / WORD
Bird Reproduction Factsheet Word / PDF
Bird reproduction PowerPoint
Hamilton Trust: Label the parts of an egg Word
Hamilton Trust: Parts of an egg diagram PDF
Activity: Life in the nest table Word / PDF


Bird reproduction – Google Books web library

View and read the books in this collection online

Organisation Title
Google Books Hatching & Brooding Your Own Chicks Gail Damerow
Google Books Birds Britannica Illustrated Science Library
Google Books Hand feeding and raising baby birds Matthew Vriends
Google Books Lovebirds: Everything about breeding Matthew Vriends
Google Books and tango makes three Justin Richardson
Google Books Hatch Roxie Munro
Google Books Life Magazine A photographer records home life of a robin family at his window
Google Books The Garden Birds Year Roy Beddard
Google Books The garden birds handbook Stephen Moss

Reproduction Image Gallery

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