Topic 7 – Food Chains

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Food Chains Video clips

Website Title
BBC Seabird behaviour – Feeding
BBC What do urban birds eat?
BBC Animals that feed in gardens

Food chains – Web resources

Organisation Link
RSPB Food Chains
RSPB Food game challenge (Game)
RSPB Food Chains Making Food
RSPB Food Chains Catching food
RSPB Food Chains Built for life
RSPB Food Chains Top of the chain
RSPB Food Chains Looking for food chains
Daily Mail Pesticides are killing birds
National Geographic food web
National Geographic food chain
National Geographic Scavengers
National Geographic Carnivores
Inspired Falconry Birds of prey facts
Chichester Harbour Education Food chains
BBRSC Food chains facts and activity worksheet
Primary homework help Science primary homework help
Science Kids Food Chains Game
BBC Bitesize Food Chains Quiz

Food Chains Teaching and Learning resources

Title PDF / WORD
A woodland food web Word / PDF
Birds of prey facts and activity PDF
Birds of prey facts PDF
Food web worksheet Word / PDF
Habitats and Food Chains PowerPoint
Hawk food chain Word / PDF
Interdependence Pack Marwell Zoo PDF
Living things Plants and animals PDF
Owl help organisation Food Chains Pack PDF

Food Chains – Google Books web library

View and read the books in this collection online

Organisation Title
Google Books Herbivores in the food chain Alice McGinty
Google Books A Rainforest food chain Angelique Tarbox
Google Books Meadow food chains Katie Kawa
Google Books Grassland Food Chain Buffy Silverman
Google Books Food chains and webs Andrew Solway
Google Books Food webs: Interconnecting food chains
Google Books Forest food webs Paul Fleisher
Google Books Tundra food webs Paul Fleisher
Google Books Rivers and streams April Sayre
Google Books What are food webs? Bobbie Kalman

Food Chains image Gallery

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