Topic 8 – Feeding & Diet

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Feeding and diet Video clips

Website Title
Youtube Birds eating close up
Youtube Chicks eating in the nest
Sussex Wildlife Trust Bird feeding tips: Food and feeders
BBC Bird Feeding – Tips for winter
BBC Spring Watch Garden Bird Feeding questions
BBC BBC Wildlife: Feeding baby birds
RSPB RSPB Feed the birds day
Youtube Helen making fat food for birds
Youtube How to make bird cake
BBC Bitesize What do urban birds eat?

Feeding and diet – Web resources

Organisation Title
BTO Winter Feeding: birds need a balanced diet too
RSPB Feeding birds
RSPB What food to provide birds
RSPB All about bird tables
RSPB When to feed wild birds
RSPB What birds to expect
RSPB Hygiene Vital Precautions
Sussex Wildlife Trust Feeding birds Cleaning ad location of bird feeders
Garden Wildlife Health Feeding garden birds
Garden Wildlife Health Bird disease factsheets
Songbird survival What do I feed birds?
BBC How to look after garden birds during the winter
BBC Nature How to help birds
BBC Nature Plant a native hedge
BBC Bill please waiter! (Game)
Gardeners World How to make fat cakes for birds
Eden Project How to make your own fat balls

Feeding and Diet Learning resources

Title PDF / WORD
Bird nutrition fact sheet PDF
Farmland birds feeding station PDF
Garden Wildlife Health – Feeding garden birds PDF
GBHI – Garden birds feeding leaflet PDF
Living things plants and animals: What do birds eat? PDF
Making a hanging bird feeder - Activity PDF
Sussex Wildlife Trust – Feeding garden birds PDF
Sussex Wildlife Trust food for birds PDF
Thames Water – How to make a fat cake for birds to eat PDF
What do I feed birds guide? PDF
Bird Feeding Station Survey - Activity Word / PDF

Feeding and diet - Google Books web library

View and read the books in this collection online#

Organisation Title
Google Books Backyard birds and feeding: 100 things to know Sandy Allison
Google Books Attracting birds to your garden David Moss
Google Books Garden birds: How to attract birds to your garden
Google Books A teen guide to eco gardening Ben Green
Google Books The ultimate bird feeder handbook John Burton
Google Books The Garden bird year Roy Beddard
Google Books Backyard bird watching for kids George Harrison
Google Books A birds life Eileen Robinson
Google Books Play activities for the early years Henjinder Uppal
Google Books Recipes for birds Ian Newton

Feeding and diet Image Gallery

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