11. How healthy is your pond?

11. How healthy is your pond?2018-09-04T08:50:16+00:00


Organisation Website
OPAL OPAL Water Survey
Freshwater Habitats Trust Big Pond Dip
Suffolk Wildlife Trust Pond restoration and management
Suffolk Wildlife Trust Coping with algae in ponds
Freshwater Habitats Trust Pond Creation Toolkit
Daily Telegraph Top 10 tips for a healthy pond
Royal Horticultural Society https://www.rhs.org.uk/advice/profile?pid=447
Royal Horticultural Society Pond Algae and blanket weed
National Insect Week Is your stream or pond healthy?


Organisation Resource
OPAL Water survey booklet (PDF)
OPAL Buglife 10 tips for a healthy pond (PDF)
OPAL Water Clarity Measurer (PDF)
National Insect Week Pond pollution detection chart (PDF)
Wildlife Trust Wildlife Pond Pack (Maintaining a pond) (PDF)
Warwickshire Wildlife Trust School Pond Pack (PDF)
Scottish Water How healthy is your pond, river or stream? (PDF)
Field Studies Council Pond Activity Ideas (PDF)
Norfolk Wildlife Trust Restoring Norfolk’s Ponds (PDF)
Million Ponds Project Managing ponds after creation (PDF)
Freshwater Habitats Clean water for wildlife (PDF)
Windermere Reflections How healthy is the water? (PPT)
Learning through Landscapes Looking after our pond pupil activity worksheet (PDF)


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