2. Grouping and Classifying

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Organisation Website
OPAL Survey OPAL Survey
Frog Life Frog Life
RSPB Ponds
Field Studies Council Field Studies Council
Wild England Wild England
Wildlife Watch Wildlife Watch
Freshwater Habitat Trust Freshwater Habitat Trust
Northern Ireland Environment Agency Pond Study
Speedwell Trust Speedwell Trust
Pond Watch Pond Watch
Pond Identity Corner Pond Identity Corner

Video Clips

Organisation Video
Wildlife Garden Project – A guide to pond dipping
BBC Pondskaters – Surface Tension
Widescreen Arkive Great Diving Beetle
Widescreen Arkive Pond Skater
Widescreen Arkive Pond Snail
Widescreen Arkive Water Boatman
Widescreen Arkive Water Flea
Nature Minute Nature Minute


Organisation Resource
Amphibian & Reptile Conservation Amphibian Identification
Amphibian & Reptile Conservation Reptile Identification
Derbyshire Wildlife Trust Using Ponds
Gwent Wildlife Trust Pond animals identification Guide
Stem Centre Classification Activity Pack
RSPB Pond Identification Sheet
Cornwall Wildlife Trust Bug Dial
Water Watch Bug Dial
BBC Breathing Places Bug Dial Activity
Key to life in the pond chart
RSPB Pond Creatures Chart
Pond Discovery Sheets


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