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Organisation Website
Buglife Marine Invertebrates
Landcare Research Freshwater Invertebrates Species List
Scottish National Heritage Freshwater Invertebrates
Norfolk Wildlife Trust Freshwater Invertebrates
Arkive Freshwater and Terrestrial Invertebrates
Life in freshwater Feeding
UK Wildlife Freshwater Invertebrates
Railway Land Live Freshwater Eels
Railway Land Live Water Scorpions
Railway Land Live Dragonfly and Damsel fly

Video Clips

Organisation Video
Widescreen Arkive Great Pond Snail
Youtube Red Worms in freshwater
Youtube Freshwater Invertebrates
Youtube Dragonfly nymph feeding on small aquatic invertebrates
Railway Land Live Pond Shrimp
Railway Land Live Freshwater Eel swimming to surface
Railway Land Live Ditch Shrimp with eggs
Railway Land Live Water Beetle


Organisation Resource
OPAL Invertebrate Identification Guide
OPAL Dragonfly Identification Guide
British Dragonfly Society Dragonfly ID Game
British Dragonfly Society Dragonfly ID Game Photo Set
British Dragonfly Society Survival Game
British Dragonfly Society Dragonfly wing template
Water Watch Bug Dial
Bug Life Bug Buddies Activities
Railway Land Live Design a pond creature
Froglife Great Crested Newt Conservation handbook


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